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How to Open and Edit the Windows Registry

Upon encountering such a problem, Windows throws up a STOP Error and crashes. Subsequently, a complete reboot is in order, which will doom any data that’s unsaved. If malware software could detect any malicious software in your system, reboot the program after cleaning and observe if the blue screen error goes away. Windows traditionally creates a dump file in the system memory that displays applications that were running before the crash occurred. The information you find here could help you troubleshoot the blue screen, especially if a program is triggering it. The Event Viewer logs events that lead to errors.

how do i find windows registry

Run a malware scan to look for this malicious software and remove them from your system. The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD is a system crash or fatal system error which happens when the operating system crashes.

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The company experimented with changing the color in Windows 11, but it’s blue again in the latest versions. Microsoft has made it very easy for the average user to troubleshoot and repair some blue screen causes. However, you should never do something to your computer’s operating system that you are not completely sure is the right step to take. In trying to repair the error so that the blue screen doesn’t happen again, you could cause the computer to have even more serious issues. Once in the Action Center, you can view details about the critical failure that caused the blue screen and work on some troubleshooting to discover the root cause. From the Action Center you can also access the minidump file that was created when the error occurred, which can give you some valuable information about the error and what caused it. But why does the computer get a blue screen in the first place?

  • Ignoring the BSOD errors can damage your system.
  • The details can be viewed by clicking on the link “Details” or the category headings.
  • The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating system and for applications that opt to use the registry.
  • Lastly, PERFORMANCE_DATA is the only key that doesn’t display in the Registry Editor, although alternative programs can allow viewers to peruse and interact with it.
  • Remove pirated programs from the machine, and they are proven to contain harmful threats.

If the problem persists after changing your operating system, then the problem might be in your hardware. I advise you to take your PC to the nearest service point and rectify the Blue Screen issue. You can also follow other ways to refer to reinstalling the operating system. You will find the method well explained in our comprehensive guide to reinstall Windows 11.

Backup Parts/Sections of the Registry

This is why Microsoft doesn’t endorse any registry cleaner for Windows 10 or 11. As the storage space fills up, any programs looking to access the storage take longer to find data to retrieve or spare room to use, slowing things down. Regular clean up checks to delete temporary files or unwanted data can improve computer performance.

These tools check all the drivers on your PC and automatically update them to the latest ones. In deed, you can use this data recovery tool to recover data from all types of data storage devices. For instance, you can perform Samsung data recovery, SSD data recovery, Seagate data recovery, SD card data recovery, etc. There’s a possibility that your Windows 11 blue screen or black screen of death is caused by the corrupted MBR. Software incompatibility or software glitch is a popular cause of the Windows 11 blue screen. You can do a clean boot to start Windows with only the essential components to rule out the possibilities.

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